ALPHA STUDIO: The Fine Essentials
Introducing The Fine Essentials, by Alpha Studio.
An exclusive knitwear collection made on the unique 18-30 gauge looms and rectilinear knitting machine to deliver the best craftsmanship made with essential noble yarns, high resistance twisted long fibers.
Best touch, best feeling, best materials and techniques, with Italian style.
Charme 3/80
Charme 3/80
100 Merinos Extra Fine,
18-30gg rectilinear knitting machine & loom
One of our favourite fibers is the Extra Fine Merino Wool, that has exceptional features & advantages.
Design by nature, it keeps the human body protected and yet in harmony with the environment.
The Extra Fine Merino has centuries of history and is a fundamental raw material for all our iconic designs.
Kashgar 2/48
Kashgar 2/48
85% Silk, 15% Cashmere
30 gg loom
Our best choice of silk is the Mulberry Silk, of Chinese provenance.
The excellence and uniqueness of our Silk derives from a careful selection of fibers with the best technical characteristics of regulatory, brightness and cleanliness, to enable, once fused with Cashmere, the best solid colours and a timeless feeling.

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