"Make the Essential Elegance Accessible to all of Us through a vision of Quality & Culture"

Alpha Studio has been a milestone in the world of knitwear for the past 35 years, when its founder Franco Rossi gave life to a corporate project based on the love for quality and respect for people and their individual value, in a deep fusion with surrounding area and with the beauties of the city of Florence.

The company is still led by the Rossi family that carries on both in the territory and in the world the values and style of Alpha Studio always recognizable in every single model, made with a deep know-how of knitwear and production, which combine both a reference to tradition and an avant-garde look.

The refined production techniques and its refined materials allow those who wear Alpha Studio to rediscover the pleasure of envelope themselves in a unique style, which transports you into an emotional journey between the tradition of Essential Elegance and innovative volumes inspired by art. and from different cultures of the world.

The exclusive advantage of Alpha Studio is its reachability, it allows you to wear extreme quality at an advantageous price, showing itself inclusive to its customers. In the complexity of the markets, Alpha Studio is the simplicity of the solution.

The Alpha Studio design follows an assertive research, not guided by passing fashions, but by a precious and universal aesthetic that is able to keep up with the times, aiming at an Essential Elegance.

Wearing Alpha Studio does not only mean wearing a garment of unmistakable quality and elegance, it also means being part of a family tradition that reflects strong human bonds, reliability and transparency.

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