Women’s Cashmere jumpers

Cashmere knitwear is an essential item in every wo man’s wardrobe, both for winter and for a cool spring or autumn evening.
Whether it's a classic pullover or a sporty cardigan, Cashmere adds an enveloping touch to any outfit.
From colour - block sweaters to more understated ones, you can’t do without these versatile garments, perfect for all seasons.
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What to wear with cashmere knitwear

How to style a Cashmere sweater in a way that is current, modern and timeless? A few tricks or that extra detail are enough to make every outfit not only warm but also chic. Selecting the right colour is the first step in styling a Cashmere garment, and for this reason it is better to focus on a shirt that has the same complementary hue as the knitwear, or go all out with bold, colour block combinations that involve different prints and fabrics. Should the sweater be black, then opt for any shade of grey.

Precious fabrics

Alpha Studio’s women’s knitwear includes a wide range of garments made with the finest Cashmere wool. A refined and timeless fabric capable of giving that extra touch of elegance to every look without forgetting comfort and warmth. Defined by an aesthetic that is as luxurious as it is minimalist, Cashmere is today recognised throughout the world as a symbol of excellence and style.

Elegant and comfortable Cashmere sweaters suitable for any occasion

Cashmere clothing, one of the noblest natural fibres, speaks of comfort and refinement and is ideal for completing elegant looks or for feeling casual and chic, both during the day and in the evening. Elegant and comfortable sweaters, round, V or boat neck jumpers, turtleneck and enveloping cardigans in different weights, perfect for the winter season and for cool autumn evenings. Timeless garments ideal for every occasion and time of day, from the office to more informal evening situations.

Warm and comfortable Cashmere clothing ideal for the winter season

In everyday life but also for a mountain getaway, Cashmere has always been the perfect ally against the coldest temperatures, becoming the undisputed must-have during the cold season. This highly prized natural fibre is perfect for ensuring maximum warmth even in below zero temperatures. However, very few know that thanks to its nature Cashmere is able to regulate the body temperature making the garment accessible even in less harsh climatic conditions.

Type of processing/treatment

The processing of Cashmere usually takes place in spring, when due to the rise in temperatures, the moult of the goats begins. This species of goat, in order to protect itself from the very harsh winter temperatures, produces two coats, one of which is soft and fluffy and made up of a thick layer of fibres: the duvet. Cashmere wool is obtained by combing this fleece with a special comb to obtain a mixture of fibres which will then be subjected to subsequent processing stages such as washing and colouring. The last process is weaving which guarantees softness and quality to the wool, making it perfect for making garments.

A timeless design, elegant and perfect for any occasion

Alpha Studio Cashmere knitwear is characterised by a minimal and elegant design, capable of transcending the trends of the moment and transforming the garments into real must-haves not only for the season. Soft but decisive lines meet different processes and colours to create original and captivating patterns or evergreen colour blocks capable of accommodating every taste.
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